Beyond The White Board

Looking to log your workouts? Check to see if you beat your buddy in another class? Or are you wondering what your old 1RM dead lift was but cant find it? Track your WOD's, lifts, 1km row, 5 mile run, tabata scores and more! Everything you need to keep your CrossFit stats in one convenient and practical location.

We highly recommend all of our members take advantage of our FREE app with Beyond the Whiteboard to track all things fitness. This will give you significant data about YOU as an athlete. Strengths and weaknesses, ways to improve on both. It is a tangible way to see your progress, even on those days you might not feel like you're making any or you're feeling down... get that boost of pride when you see just how far you've come! 

All you need to do is create a login, search for Fit Collective St. Catharines as your home gym and follow the steps. Once approved by our admin, you'll be added to our programming streams and can start tracking your workouts! Super Easy Peasy! 

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