Mom... Gramma... Correctional Office... CrossFitter!

Posted Aug 25th, 2013 in Testimonials

I was comfortable. In fact, I remember thinking that when I received the phone call. I was comfortable with how things were turning out; my children had become wonderful adults, I had a job that allowed me to get things I wanted and pay my bills; I was finally comfortable being me. I could breathe easy.

I was a few years from retirement…I could coast…Then, the phone call… Katrina: "Mom, I think you need to start paying more attention to what you're eating." (I ate well, what was she talking about!?). "You also need to be more active." (What? Slo-pitch wasn't exercise?). "You should check out CrossFit." I knew she had started going to CrossFit (good for you, Honey), and thought maybe she was in need of support to keep going. (Little did I know). It just didn't sounds like my "cup of tea".

Then she got my attention. "You know, you're predisposed to getting diabetes and caner and osteoporosis. Gramma has all that." (I hadn't told her about the rheumatoid arthritis). "I don't want you getting sick. Theres a way you can stop the process and I think you should seriously think about it!". Ouch. She got me there.

Well, call it coincidence, call it Dad looking down and saying - "hey, she's right", but the very next day I got an email from a coupon site - a CrossFit gym had a deal on 10 classes. After confirming with Katrina it was the same place she talked about, and that it was an amazing deal, I bought it…. and thats when I was hooked! That was in May of 2011, almost 2 years ago.

I love CrossFit…everything about it. I love the fact that a coach is with you at every class; I love that every move is functional and, if needed, scaled. I love that I lift weights (lots of them), and properly. I love my sweat angels after a WOD. I love that Ive progressed so far. I love how everyone supports and cheers on everyone else. I love the laughter, the frustrations and the accomplishments. I love celebrating everyones PR's. I love eating Paleo… being a caveman. I love being a CrossFitters. I love that I challenge myself every time I walk in… that Im no longer comfortable.

 I was holding a very special jar when Katrina called me that day. Another omen, perhaps. An incredible person once told me , "I like how we fit". I smiled when he said it because, to look at us, we didn't fit. I was six feet, he was five-seven. But, I knew exactly what he meant. The same holds true for CrossFit and I; Im a 51 year old Gramma, and I may look odd being in there with most people being half my age, but "I Like how we fit".

- Wendy M., Mom... Gramma... Correctional Office... CrossFitter!