"My name is Jason M. and I do CrossFit."

Posted Aug 25th, 2013 in Testimonials

“My name is Jason and I do Cross Fit.”

Sounds kind of like the start of a group meeting where you go to share your pain, your failures, your mental breakdowns, your physical exhaustion and your over-whelming desire to quit before you even get started. That’s right, 15 months ago when I started Cross Fit that’s what I thought of it.

I had been training in the conventional “globo gym” environment doing 3 sets of 12 followed by 30 minutes on the cross-trainer all the while dabbing sweat off my brow with a nice white towel. I thought I was working hard and getting results. I couldn’t have been farther away from the truth.

As soon as I walked into the box I saw a group of “normal looking” people talking to each other, joking around and genuinely enjoying themselves. I thought it was strange because the last time I was at the gym I had my headphones on and was trying my best to ignore the overly tanned guy doing bicep curls in front of the mirror. No, this place was different. I was immediately greeted by one of the trainers who introduced me to the group. Everyone turned and with a genuine smile and a “Hello Jason” accepted me into their inner circle. I thought to myself, these people are weird. But that was just the beginning.

We started our warm-up and I instantly began sizing up my competition. On the outside I saw an older retired guy, a mom with her kids and some lady quoting Seinfeld. No problem, I thought to myself I’m big, I’m tough and I’m in decent shape. These people are going to be amazed by my sheer athletic prowess. I am going to breeze through this WOD and then ask for more. Silly me.

That’s where the pain, the failure, the mental breakdowns, the physical exhaustion and overwhelming desire to quit slapped me in the face. I believe that’s when the “old guy” looked over and started encouraging me. That’s when I saw the mother pushing on while I stood there feeling sorry for myself. That’s when I ate a slice of humble pie, sucked it up and finished the WOD….. in last place.

It was all I could do to raise a hand and accept congratulations from everyone on a great workout. Who were they kidding? I sucked wind from the start and could barely finish. However, that’s when the pain and discomfort quickly subsided and I began to see clearly. I saw a bunch of amazing people who had just accomplished more in one workout that I normally did in three workouts. Despite my poor performance I was inspired to push on and that’s what I did. I came back the next day and ate another slice of pie.

I’ve eaten a lot of pie in the last 15 months with these amazing people and I plan on eating a lot more in the future. Cross Fit has changed my outlook on fitness. I have seen changes in myself in the last 15 months that I haven’t seen in the last 15 years. have reached many personal goals that I attribute not only to the amazing coaches but also to being surrounded by highly motivated and positive people. This community inspires greatness in all that choose to accept it. I encourage those who are looking to do something great to give Cross Fit a try. Come in, have a look around, meet the people, try a piece of the pie and I promise it will change your life.