One and a half years ago, I found CrossFit... or did it find me?

Posted Aug 25th, 2013 in Testimonials

My life before Crossfit was about quantity. Years of 5 days a week training wih programs developed by trainers. One boring impersonal gym at a time, I tried them all. Leg days, tri/bi days, chest and back days. I loved it. I felt great and thought I was fit and strong. Two hour workouts of weights and cardio – it was about quantity. That’s right. Quantity.

In globo-gym, I could lift the heaviest weights they had. I worked with the heavy  weight stacks on the machines. I even got to the highest level on the gravitron but I couldn’t do a single pull-up.  That’s right.  Not one.

One and a half years ago, I found CrossFit... or, did it find me? I think we were truly drawn to each other. One thing for sure, I’m totally addicted.  You may even call it obsessed. My thinking has started to change. Not all at once of course. But it’s changing.  How can a 1-hour workout kick the crap out of my 2-3 hour grind? That’s right. Change.

More isn’t better. CrossFit is better. CrossFit has taught me not to take the easy path. It has shown me courage.  I see the courage in others and the courage within myself.  It has given me strength and made me strong. CrossFitters leave the EGO at the door and become a family when they cross through it. This is not a family of blood relatives, but of those bloody-hand relatives. The kind you get from being able to do pullups in just over a year of training. That’s right. Blood.

CrossFit has taught me to face my fears. It has taught me failure. It has taught me success. It has shown me my limits and how to overcome them.  CrossFit has awakened my Warrior within and my heart.  It has shown me to fight for what is right and face the enemy. Even if the enemy is myself.  You wonder why I crossfit…I wonder why you don’t. That’s right. Fight.

My CrossFit family has taught me character, respect and honour. My Trainers have heart and souls. They are personal and they care. They have taught me technique, patience, motivation, inspiration and to never give up. My new PR is also their new PR.  They share in it. They rejoice in it with you and for you. That’s right. Share.

Cold metal. Dull black rubber plates. White chalk. Sweaty bodies. Boxes. Bands. Balls. Bloody hands. A dog named Nova.  Inspiration. It’s ok to fail. Forge on. Work hard. Get strong.  his is CrossFit. That’s right. CrossFit.

- Cat