Then along came Crossfit......................O.M.G.!!!!!

Posted Aug 25th, 2013 in Testimonials

I began working out at CrossFit in July 2012. At that time, I thought I was in good shape, having kept up with working out about three times a week, which included running and mixed martial arts/cardio classes. I have been involved with exercise since I can remember, but I was at a point in my life at 32 years old where I was working out because I had to, not because I wanted to or because I really enjoyed it.

Exercising started to fall on my priority list and workouts often got annoying and boring with repetitiveness. I found myself changing disciplines and exercise routines often, never finding anything that I truly enjoyed.

Then along came Crossfit......................O.M.G.!!!!!

A new love has entered my life. I finally found my niche in fitness. In all my years of working out including years of intense training (Varsity Rowing in high school and University), I have never been SO EXCITED to workout in my life…  

‘Excited’ to workout, you ask? lies…

I have yet to find another workout program out there where you are in and out of class in one hour (including warm up and cool downs), where you feel like you are a part of a team, where you work ridiculously hard but feel like you can do it because the workouts are short (averaging 10-25 minutes), and where you get results showing both on your body and at the gym reaching personal bests on weights and benchmark WODs often.

In 7 months, I have gone from knee pushups, to full out regular pushups for every WOD no matter how many reps. In 7 months, I have gone from attempting a pullup on the overhead bar with the assisted bands available to crushing 100 (yes 100) pullups during a WOD unassisted. In 7 months, I am lifting more weight than I ever did in my 9 years of competitive rowing. In 7 months, I can do ring dips with actual gymnastic rings hanging, where in the past, I would just gawk at gymnasts and crazy workout people who could do them because they trained their life away. In 7 months, I am on my way to doing my first handstand pushup…now THAT is a sign of strength and I will be jumping around the gym when that happens just like I have for every other milestone I’ve already reached over these past 7 months.

All of my progress has happened not because I workout a ridiculous amount of hours. I average 4 CrossFit classes a week. My progress comes from the Crossfit team atmosphere at every class, the ever-changing variety of WODs that always keep you guessing what’s next, the personal attention from the great trainers who believe in you and help you along the way, and the results on your body that are noticeable and make you crave to come back for more!

Just try it and you will see what the hype is all about…except its not hype, it’s the real deal! Crossfit ROCKS!


- Crazy Monkey Crystal