Posted Sep 29th, 2013 in Blog, General

Yoga You Say? 
By: Ashley 

We’re a CrossFit gym - we like the high intensity, barbell’s dropping, loud cheering, adrenaline pumping environment right? So why bring in the mellow, soothing ‘zen’ flow of Yoga? 


First of all, lets get that “Yoga, it’s boring... stupid....just for women....” or, “I can’t do that, I‘m not flexible enough” crap out of the way right now. 


I’m pretty sure when half of the people (or more), started CrossFit they had similar qualms like “It’s too hard!” “Those people are crazy!” “I’ve never worked out before, I’m just too out of shape!” blah blah blah. But look at you now! Hitting PR’s, lifting heavy sh#t, crushing HSPU, not getting tangled up in double unders and even, getting your friends and family involved! 


Point taken? Good talk, lets move on. 


Let’s look at a few key reasons Yoga will help your CrossFit A-Game. 


Mobility and Range of Motion 

Are you having trouble with the barbell position in your overhead squat? Or maybe your heels keep popping up in the bottom of your squat. Are gymnastics movements like handstand push ups and pull ups a nightmare because your shoulders are too tight?

Some of the most basic yoga movements will help you improve your overall mobility like reinforcing external rotation of your hips and shoulders to help you get into these movements more comfortably and properly. (We like when things are done properly :)). 



So it’s another day of EMOTM x 20 minutes of 1rep cleans, and you’re looking off to the ceiling wondering if you just saw a bird fly by. You probably did, but thats not the point. 

Yoga emphasizes creating a focal point so that you can stay consistent and really focus while you are moving through these poses. Learning these techniques will transfer over into things like skipping, gymnastics and your Olympic lifts that have a lot of steps to follow. Better concentration will help in many aspects of life, not just in the box. 



How are your pistols coming along? Or have you tried handstand walks lately? If theyre not looking too fluid - yoga can help. 


Certain poses such as tree (balancing on one foot), eagle, dancer, half moon - these all help you build the stability you will need to push forward in those wobbly CrossFit movements. Maybe someday soon you’ll be showing your friends just how awesome your pistols are at the cottage. 



Yes, even CrossFitters need to relax! Although we love the craziness and intensity being thrown around at our box, we need to bring that overdrive into peace every now and then. 


Yoga will help you learn to breathe properly, melt into your body like a pan of butter, and reflect on why you are here. What drives you? What is pushing you to keep going every day, through life, work, relationships and your workouts. Rediscover what your IT is.

Good Posture and Positioning 

Does your back arch in a push press? Do you feel your lower back slump in a dead lift? Or what about push ups and planks, do you still dread them? 


Yoga will help you learn to ‘stack your body’ properly so that you have more stability in your core, your spine, and over all stature. This is essential to all of our CrossFit movements, otherwise, we're just wonky noodles trying to lift heavy things! 



Um.... Kinda the cornerstone to CrossFit. Yoga too has a way to bring us closer together as a community. Allowing ourselves to get uncomfortable and vulnerable around others in a quiet, reflective setting brings us all one step closer to each other in another creative and fun way. 

So... What are you waiting for? Let's get flexy! 

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