Barbells & Bling, for Boobs!

Posted Oct 20th, 2013 in Blog, General

Barbells & Bling, for Boobs!

Support the Canadian Breast Cancer Society! 


We all have someone in our lives, directly or indirectly, who have suffered or survived Cancer in some shape or form. 

Barbell's and Bling for Boobs is a great way to get out, work your butt off in support of those close ones, and raise awareness and donations towards this amazing cause! 

For every person that shows up and wears PINK for the 2:00pm WOD - we will donate an additional $5.00, along  with the 20% of sales from Park Lane Jewelry with Leah Marie. Leah will be showcasing some beautifully crafted jewelry from 3-4:00pm. 

Please take a couple hours out of your day to come and throw down, and support the ladies!

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