Getting Back In The Game

Posted Nov 8th, 2013 in Blog, General

We All Have Excuses Right? 

I recently went through a LOT of life changes.  Within the past 6 months my wife and I had a beautiful baby girl, I got a new job and opened up our gym, CrossFit St.Catharines.  I can’t tell you how blessed I am to have all these things happen.  My family didn’t just grow by one, it grew by dozens with all my new CrossFit family members.  However with all the great happiness also came great sacrifice.  One thing that got sacrificed the most was my training.  I came up with the oldest most widely used excuse in the book.  I don’t have time.


I was stressed and tired and had literally ZERO motivation to get my butt into the gym. I’m not even talking about CFSTC, I have a gym in my garage, it’s 30 feet away and I still didn’t get my workouts in.  I started to convince myself that maybe training the way I used just isn’t going to work anymore.  Maybe my recent life changes were too big and my health suffering is just a necessary evil to make everything else work.  Yet, I still had time to watch TV for an hour or two a night calling it my down time and telling myself I earned it.  The only thing I was earning was a weak soft body and shitty health.


The worst part about it was the depression.  I could feel myself getting more depressed. Not having as much fun with family as I used to.  Not being as excited about stuff, letting my nutrition go.  All the while complaining and coming up with excuses in my head as if this scenario was somebody else’s fault.  Then I heard it.


“Don’t workout if you have time, make time”


I can’t even remember where I heard it, probably a video online. It was like a barbell just smacked me upside the head (which thankfully has never actually happened) and I woke up.  I kept thinking “oh maybe I’ll have time this weekend, or this day”.  When really I needed to organize all this new stuff in my life and MAKE my workouts part of my new life as they were my old one.  I sat down with the wife and got the social calendar figured out (which I blatantly never normally know anything about) added ALL of my work stuff into it and then my workouts.  Making sure there was no reason for my workout times to be interrupted. 


This past week was my first week of getting those workouts in and as anyone who’s gone through this knows, man I feel good.  Less stress, no depression, more energy.  The feeling vibrates through the house as well. I can see my wife smiling more because I do and that echoing happiness can make anyone’s life better.


The point is I just needed to hear that one little saying to wake me up.  Take a second and organize my life and keep my health a top priority no matter what.  Health is your true wealth, not dollars and cents or meetings and deadlines.  We all need a wake up call sometimes, If this story feels like you right now, consider this your wake up call.  


If you want it, you gotta go get it.