Be Relentless

Posted Feb 20th, 2014 in Blog, General

Be relentless in your pursuit of happiness.   Take a good look at your life and weed out all the things you are doing that are either making you unhappy or are not contributing to your happiness and devise a plan to get rid of them.  Be relentless in removing the weeds of doubt, fear, anger and hate from the garden that is your mind and soul.  Plant seeds of dedication, joy, love and passion and let all your goals and dreams grow from those.  There will be a never ending line up of people, events and situations that will try to tear you down and you must be relentless in moving forward, above and beyond these things to your true moment of happiness.  That moment after days, months and years of dedication you’ve put into your passion.  Whether it be fitness, family, art, science or anything else, that moment you reach your peak is the moment when you get a glimpse of who you truly are.  Whether it’s finishing a painting, getting your first pull up, seeing your child graduate or solving a mind bending equation.  Fight everyday to get closer to those moments.  Those moments of pure joy when all the blood sweat and tears finally show their worth.  Their invaluable worth.  Be relentless.  Be relentless in how kind you are, in how you love, in your dedication towards the pursuit of the real you. Surround yourself with those that bring you up, not who bring you down.  For love is only real and authentic when it’s returned and you deserve real authentic love in your life. In everything you do that makes you happy, be relentless.

Rob Nayyar


CrossFit St.Catharines