The Open is over, now what?

Posted Apr 1st, 2014 in Blog, General

The Open is over, now what?

Now that we're in a post Open world you may find yourself in one of these three categories. 

1) Happy you did all the workouts and didn't die.

2) Stoked about getting your first___________ and happy with your performance.

3) Thought it would go differently and a little disappointed.

Regardless of where you fall, remember what the Open is about.  It's about testing yourself.  Even though you are on a leader board with 200,000+ people on the planet it's still about testing yourself AGAINST YOURSELF.  The open at it's core is simply a means of measurement.  It's a chance for you to really see where your weaknesses are and it helps you focus your goals over the coming year but ONLY if you use it that way.

If you happen to be in the disappointed group than you should definitely use this year's Open as a tool to guide your training over the next year.  Talk to one of the trainers and let them know what your goals are and they will help you achieve those goals.  Remember we're here to help you succeed in any way we can.  

Congratulations to everyone who competed and worked their ass off.  You guys should all be very proud.  No matter how your Open experience went remember, it's not our successes that define us, it's our failures and how we respond to them.

Let's get to work.