Summer is FINALLY HERE! But, where are you?

Posted Jun 12th, 2017 in Blog, General

Summer is FINALLY HERE! But, where are you?

Hello Summer! 

As Coach Katelyn posted, it's very easy to skip the gym and enjoy this beautiful weather. Trust me, I don't blame you for doing it, we all enjoy this nice weather that's FINALLY here! 

Let's be real though. No matter who you are, we all have a wide variety of commitment in our lives: relationships, friendships, jobs, committees, sports, children, etc. They each play an important role and add value in their own way. 

       The Dictionary defines ‘commitment’ as:
       : a promise to do or give something
       : a promise to be loyal to someone or something: the attitude of someone who works very hard to do
         or support something

I’m challenging you to focus on your commitment to CrossFit and your overall health and wellness, all summer long.  Don’t let the temptations of summer hinder your CrossFit commitment, goals, progress and successes you've made so far! Reality has it, CrossFit is more than just "the gym". We all know it, otherwise why would you be here? It's your health, its your wellness, its your energy levels, your motivation on crappy days, your highlight, your chance to shine and brighten someone else's day as well. 

We know, we know.... Summer months present more fun, sun and opportunities to do things outdoors, go swim, to the beach, to a patio, have a few margaritas or Coronas... Really, anything other than show up for either a 6am or a 5:45pm class.  We know, the reality has it there there will always be some type of other distraction out there that will pull you away from the gym and putting your nose to the grind in the summer months. 

But, as we said earlier, lets refocus.... Lets think about the commitment we've made to ourselves and to the community here at CFSTC, and keep that momentum going. 

Commitments are powerful because they influence how you think, how you sound, and how you act. Unlike a half-hearted hope or ‘"ill try", making a commitment means that you try harder, you look for solutions when faced with obstacles, you don’t consider quitting as an option, and you don’t look back. Make no mistake, everyone feels like quitting at one time or another. Unfortunately most people quit when they feel like quitting, which is why they seldom succeed at anything. Whether it’s a relationship or marriage, job or career venture, fitness or health, or a personal improvement goal, the temptation to give up will arise. The key is to anticipate it and make yourself a promise that the feeling of wanting to quit will not overpower your commitment.

Be accountable, to a coach or to another member! Not only will you see improvements in your workouts, times and strength gains from being consistent, you should also feel a sense of pride in honouring your commitment to yourselves and your partners for showing up. Showing up is half the battle right?  If you DO end up having a conflict, try to find an alternative class time or day that WILL work with your schedule! You know its always worth it. 

So, as with everything, the choice is yours. 

Will you choose to keep up with your progress and commitment, or choose to let it fall to the wayside?

~ Coach Ashley