Posted Oct 15th, 2017 in Blog, General

As all of you know, CrossFit St. Catharines is always talking about community and family, and we truly put this first. 

Since its beginning, CFSTC has relied on its strong community and family ties in order to have a solid foundation of friendship and relationship. This is the biggest reason CFSTC Has been able to develop, build and sustain its roots and reputation, and the biggest reason we have been able to grow as rapidly as we have. 

As the owners of CFSTC, Ashley and Justin have built many, many friendships and evidently strong relationships, as both their marriages have been a product of CrossFit St Catharines, and within those they've built a stronger family together. 

Part of being a family is to support, believe in, stand by and be a pillar in each others successes, failures, goals and aspirations. And that is exactly what this family does. 

So, without further ado, as a result of our rapid growth in members, programs and services this past year, we are very excited to announce that we are bringing our family one step closer together, by bringing both Miranda and Jim to our staff at CrossFit St. Catharines! This double addition to our team will allow us to increase our abilities to better serve each one of our members, and all of those we have yet to meet! 

Miranda and Jim both have a higher education (Registered Nurse and a Bachelor of Kinesiology) in health related fields. In addition to their education, they both have exceptional backgrounds in sport and fitness, and years of coaching within those sports just to add to their resumes. The biggest point of focus is their passion and pride towards CrossFit St. Catharines and its overall success. Not just for the sake of their spouses, but because they both began here, at the roots of CFSTC and truly believe in and encompass the true meaning of Community.

Both Miranda and Jim will start out taking our Coaches Prep Program (CPP) and obtaining their CrossFit Level 1, in order to be trained as Assistant Coaches in our Kids programs as well as our Intermediate/Advanced Teens programs that have grown exponentially in the last 6 months. Miranda will also be trained on our administrative operations in order to assist with Front Desk and member relations to better serve during our high volume times. She will be an excellent resource for any member seeking assistance! Jim will be trained on our public operations in order to be one of our No Sweat Free Intro On Ramp Co-ordinators, which will help with our constant influx of inquiries and on-ramps. This position is specifically designed to integrate our new members into our community in the most welcoming and friendly way! 

As many of you already know, our CPP is a lengthy and very in depth process that all new staff must undergo in order to fully understand, develop and encompass the Core Values and Mission that CFSTC stands on. We put our staff through this program to ensure that the level of service and standards expectations are held at the very highest. We put pride in knowing that each member at CFSTC receives the same care, attention, professionalism, expertise, coaching and sense of community from every individual that represents our team. 

We are looking forward to these new and exciting additions to our team and the promising road ahead that brings our vision and dreams closer and closer to a reality. 

Please join us in welcoming both Miranda and Jim to the CrossFit St. Catharines Team!