Holidays = Food right? Let's see how Coach Vanessa handles it....

Posted Dec 7th, 2017 in Blog, General

Holidays = Food right? Let's see how Coach Vanessa handles it....

Here come the holidays!! A time of joy, celebration, family and fun ... right? But, for someone who's trying to be health conscious this can also mean fear, dread and anxiety over food and alcohol. 

I always have people ask me about my diet and eating habits. Eating well is difficult, but not impossible. As much as we exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we need to fuel our bodies properly too. Therefore, as the holidays start to approach I am going to share some of my secrets to getting your 'fix', without busting the belt…

CHOCOLATE - I can’t go without it. Some people don’t have any desire for chocolate and I simply don’t understand it! What do I do to satisfy my cravings? I put chocolate milk in my coffee (or just have a small chocolate milk). Chocolate milk has many great benefits to it, and only half of the sugar is added (other half is natural sugars found in lactose). You can also try fat free chocolate jello pudding! Its simple, takes 3 minutes to make and, if you use a low fat milk, you can enjoy a little more ;) 

SOUR CREAM - I need sour cream when it comes to perogies, tacos, nachos, and all kinds of potatoes. One day my friend told me how she replaces sour cream with plain Greek yogurt. I thought that would be disgusting but I tried it anyways. I was amazed at how similar it tastes! Greek yogurt has more protein than regular yogurt and is one of the best workout recovery foods. You can also get lactose free options for those of you with sensitive stomachs. 

CHEESE - I put that sh*t on everything!! Cheese is great but can be very fattening. Part skim mozzarella is where I solve this problem. It has half the fat of regular mozzarella, and it is high in protein. Sure, it’s not as amazing and creamy as some cheese, but if you’re someone who loads up their cheese then here is your solution. If you like goats cheese, check out WholeSome Goats cheese, half the fat and all the goodness! 

WINE - Wine screams sugar, sugar screams hangover. Not all wine is heavy in sugar though! When you go to the LCBO, the price labels have a little section tell you the sugar content. Example: 2 g/L or 38 g/L. Look out for those bottle skyrocketing in sugar! Theres a brand called Skinny Grape, white and red options. White is 5g sugar/142ml and Red is 1g sugar/142ml. Can't beat that :) 

Everyone at CrossFit St. Catharines works hard and deserves to enjoy themselves. If you’re interested in meal planning, nutrition advice, or anything along the lines of changing your eating habits, our *NEW* Precision Nutrition Coach, Justin is available for coaching, advice and help through the holidays. Coach Ashley is also available for coaching and advice, by appointment only. She is the reason where I am today with my diet, and I love how great I feel.

Hopefully these tips help!

Happy Holidays! 

~ Coach Vanessa