Gamificationin 2020

Posted Jan 13th, 2020 in Blog, NUTRITION

Gamificationin 2020

Gamification in 2020 - Apps that can help keep you accountable with your health in a fun way

It’s pretty common these days to find the population glued to their phone. It’s crazy to think how much we rely on our phone to stay connected and informed. It’s even a lot of people’s go to when they are bored. With all that being said wouldn’t it be awesome if there were applications available that could help keep us on track with our nutrition?. . . Stop the presses people, because this story is going to blow your mind.

Gamification is the process of turning a task or activity into a game. As human beings our brains love to solve puzzles and work for rewards, even if the reward is intangible.

I am sure there is a huge list of health conscience Apps available in the App Store, so I am here to tell you about my top picks.

Pokémon GO

The game changing Gamification App! Changing how we participate in gaming. Making success as a player reliant on real-world interactions and augmented reality. Become a trainer, walk outside and try and catch them all. Includes in game options of battling with or again other trainers. Daily and weekly rewards for completed. Larger prizes for daily use and large distances walked. 

Zombies, run!

Imagine going out for a normal run, only to find you suddenly have a zombie on your trail and some survivors who desperately need your help. The Zombies, run! app uses audio to immerse you in a storyline of a zombie takeover from the start of your run to the finish line. You can choose to walk, jog or run with the ability to set your own distance and music. The app works with your pace and music to give you virtual tasks and challenges to help inspire you to push yourself and stay active—and alive!


Find your next adventure. Download this app and join the world’s largest treasure-hunting community. There are millions of geocaches hidden in almost every country on Earth. Grab a group of friends, open the app and start walking, the app is full of tips and hints for finding your first or your ten-thousandth!

Plant Nanny

We can all benefit from making hydration a habit. If you struggle to meet your daily water goals, Plant Nanny is the app for you. In this app, you help virtual plants grow by logging your sips. When you don’t drink, neither do your plants and you’ll witness those effects in the app.

Have some other fun health and fitness apps you love? Comment below and fill us in, we'd love a new challenge! 

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