Quick 'n Easy Breakfast!

Posted Feb 4th, 2020 in Blog, NUTRITION

Quick 'n Easy Breakfast!

Looking for a quick breakfast you can make the night before? We got you, Boo-Boo!

Here is a quick and easy post workout breakfast for those 6am’ers, or if you just need an easy and delicious way to get those post workout carbs in.

Baked Oats


-100gr Banana
-60 gr  quick cook oats
-100gr Almond milk
-1 Scoop protein Powder
-1 tsp Baking soda
-15gr or Nut butter or Chocolate chips or Raisins (OPTIONAL)


-Pre heat oven to 425, grease small baking dish with coconut oil
-Mash banana with a fork until it has a smooth consistency
-Add 60 gr of quick cook oats
-Mix in Almond milk and protein powder (if you want a more liquid consistency add more almond milk)
-Stir in nut butter, chocolate chips, or raisins if you choose to include these
-Add baking soda
-Pour into greased dish
-Bake for 15 mins or until top has browned.


C-68g, F-3g, P-30g
Remember if you add nut butter etc to include that into your count!


Coach Liz