Posted Jun 9th, 2020 in Blog, General


CrossFit St. Catharines has always been a welcoming and inclusive community and environment. No matter your background, gender, race or sexual preference. It's something we have always prided ourselves on. We bring people together, we help people, we accept people for all that they are. We have always driven our business and our relationships to help people simply live better lives and the healthiest version of themselves. ⠀

We have always done this without judgement and without prejudice. ⠀

In light of recent events surrounding the brand CrossFit, and statements recently made by the CEO - we as a community, have decided to remove ourselves as an affiliate of CrossFit. ⠀
This brand simply and clearly no longer aligns with our values, and our entire community deserves so much better than what CrossFit is choosing to emit.

Our team will be working relentlessly, amidst all the other chaos right now, to push CFSTC into a bright new beginning. If 2020 wasn’t already a year of change and redirection, it is even more so now. We are here and ready to move forward, together. ⠀

We will be rebranding our entire business under a new name, FIT COLLECTIVE St. Catharines.

We will continue to provide the same outstanding services and stay true to each member of our community, by continuing to support and push everyone to continue BEING BETTER HUMANS, in every way possible. 

As always, ⠀

Ashley & Justin