Posted Jun 10th, 2020 in Blog, NUTRITION


As functional fitness athletes we require additional protein to compensate for the increased breakdown of protein during and immediately after exercise to help repair and grow our muscles.

We require additional protein for two reasons. The first being that when muscle glycogen or “energy” storage is low, which typically happens after 60 to 90 minutes of intense training, certain amino acids (BCAAs) can be used as energy. As such, addition of protein is needed to replenish protein breakdown during training. The second reason is that protein is needed to repair and recover from the intense exercise.

Not only is it essential for performance, it helps us feel full throughout the day. Protein can be one of the most difficult macro to find on the fly so here are some great ways for you to incorporate protein easily into your day.

1.     The most obvious is protein powder, whether its added to a smoothie or just taken with water.

2.     Higher protein volume to meal, for example if you eat an omelet try adding extra egg whites for more protein without added fat or carbs.

3.     Hummus is super popular and packed with protein, you can even pick up snack size packages.

4.      Greek yogurt and Skyr (Icelandic style yogurt) is creamy and delish! It is high in protein but watch out for added sugars. Buy plain flavor and add your own toppings.

5.     Edamame is a protein packed legume perfect for casual snacking or adding to a salad

6.     Nut butters (pumpkin seed has the more), these have lots of protein but also lots of fat so be aware of how much you are eating.

This should make getting that protein macro easy pezy! If you have more questions or want to explore more protein options reach out to any of our nutrition coaches at Fit Collective STC.