How to Join Fit Collective

*** As of JUNE 14th, 2021 all classes including, FIT, BURN, Youth, Endurance and Barbell will be held OUTDOORS until further notice.

Any class you see on our regular schedule will be outdoors and will have all necessary equipment provided. Please see our COVID SAFETY protocols that we will continue outdoors for everyones health and safety *** 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We are here to ensure you feel safe and comfortable every time you are here with us. 


Are you NEW to fitness? 
Are you looking to get fitter and healthier 
in a fun and inspiring environment?
Are you ready to get going, but not where sure to start?

Book your No Sweat Free Intro! 

Our No Sweat Intro is all about YOU!

What to expect: 
- no workout... for today anyway
- facility tour 
- discussion about you
- your goals and vision for your health & fitness 
- what isn't working for you and how we can
help you reach your goals 
- membership questions and information 
- schedule and class breakdown

If you're ready to join after your NSFI, we take you 
through our 90 Day Start Up Journey to 
plan and visualize how you will be 
successful and book your next check in!


Book a FREE BURN Class! 

Looking for a fantastic workout without barbells
or complex gymnastics? 

Our Burn class is our HIIT style bodyweight, kettlebell, dumbbell workout that is guaranteed to leave you feeling sweaty and feeling fantastic! 

For beginner to advanced, no experience required! 

This class is 45 minutes.

*all classes are OUTDOORS until further notice
due to COVID19 regulations*


Join us ONLINE in our VIRTUAL Community!

Our Virtual community offers a wide variety of classes from early morning to late evening, including specialty classes for core, upper body and lower, full body and killer sweats all day long! 

CLICK HERE to view our