Personal Training


At Fit Collective St. Catharines we pride ourselves on our world-class coaching. Our Coaches are truly some of the best in the industry, and our team thrives on helping people of all walks of life reach their goals. Although our staff and members excel in a group environment, our coaches know how to take members to the next level through individualized personal training. Our private sessions are the perfect way to have one on one, undivided attention, specific programming and homework designed for you, your abilities and your goals. Whether you are someone with specific goals, looking to perfect a skill, enjoy the one-on-one experience, training for an event or just have a busy schedule -- Personal Training is a great avenue to accomplish your goals.

STEP 1. 

Book a Free Consult with one of our coaches below. 
Review the coach profiles and see which might be in line with your goals. 
You can also view more information about each coach by clicking HERE

This consult will go over your current status, abilities, limitations, schedule, commitment level, priorities and your specific goals. 

This is about YOU. 

Step 2. 

After your consult your coach will layout a pathway that will suit you the best and meet your financial requirements. 

They will work to find the best schedule, means of communication and get you ready to be a sweaty superhero. 

Step 3. 

Show up. Listen. Do the work. Get the Results. 


Welcome to the Tribe. 


8 x 60 minute sessions - $680.00 

12 x 60 minute sessions - $900.00 

20 x 60 minute sessions - $1400.00 

all packages must be paid prior to booking first session 
payment plan available 
credit card must be on file 

*plus hst

Options for couples available upon request. 


6 x 30 minute sessions - $240.00 

12 x 30 minute sessions - $435.00 

all packages must be paid prior to booking first session 
no payment plan option for 30 minute sessions 
credit card must be on file 

*plus hst 

Book with Heather!
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What Heather loves to do

  • Barbell movements; such as olympic lifting (snatches, cleans, clean and jerks) 
  • Sport specific training with athletes of all ages (youth, adults, families) 
  • Individuals with injuries, underlying health conditions and restrictions 
  • Loves working with beginners to advanced as well as any age looking to better themselves in health and fitness 

Heather loves talking about the WHY of what she is providing and programming her clients. She enjoys doing private sessions because it gives much more time to dive into more complex aspects of training that someone might want or need in order to excel in their fitness. 

She enjoys building relationships with her clients and working together to shift and guide the training program to best suit her clients needs and wants. 

Book with Liz!
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Liz loves coaching 

  • Gymnastics 
  • Endurance training 
  • Competition mindset 
  • Running & swimming
  • Working with adults (groups and couples) 

Liz is an enthusiastic and energetic coach. She loves training clients who are looking to improve upon complex and advanced gymnastics movements as well as those who are looking to prepare for a competition (not necessarily CrossFit), but in general. 

She looks forward to working with athletes who are looking to push themselves and want a coach who knows how to meet their demands and push them to reach their full potential! 

Book with Ashley!
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Ashley gets fired up to coach 

  • Olympic lifting (snatches, cleans, clean and jerks) 
  • Barbell movements (squatting, deadlifting, pressing for overall strength) 
  • Strength & Conditioning 
  • Athletes looking to compete 
  • Individuals looking to build a strong mindset with their workouts (not singled to competition) but healthy and positive mindset when focusing on performance and better fitness mentality 
  • Moms looking to get back into fitness after having a baby - safely, smartly and with intention 

Ashley loves working with clients who are eager to better themselves. Anyone who is looking to increase their knowledge, dig into the WHY behind their fitness as well as men and women who would love to have a more positive relationship with fitness. 

Book with Ben!
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Ben's ready to get you fit as a fiddle and loves

  • General Fitness 
  • Weight Loss 
  • Injuries/Limitations
  • Individuals with underlying health conditions (diabetes, obesity)
  • Youth and Adults (youth, teen, families, couples) 
  • Barbell movements (olympic lifting and powerlifting movements) 

Ben loves seeing his clients reach higher goals. He is always ecstatic to see people come in everyday and see the hard work pay off and be reflected in their performance. He thrives the most when clients come to him with specific goals, as he is fantastic at building an individualized program to be results driven and in return his client see quick results. 

Book with Justin!
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Book with Tim!
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Tim will whip anyone into shape and loves coaching

  • Sport specific training 
  • Injury rehab and prevention 
  • General strength and conditioning 
  • Youth and adults (youth, teen, groups, families, couples) 

Tim is excellent at building relationships with his clients. He takes genuine care in what they need and want with their fitness, and tailors the programs to meet them where they are, in order to go where they want in their fitness journey. 

He thrives when his clients are committed to making themselves healthier and stronger and loves individual training as it allows his clients more opportunity to build on their specific goals.