At Fit Collective St. Catharines we pride ourselves on having the region's most qualified and highly experienced coaches you could ask for!
You can expect professional, enthusiastic, entertaining and always approachable demeanours, leaving you feeling energized and ready to fight a bear when you leave the gym! 

Our incredible staff include:

3 CrossFit Level 2 Certified Coaches
9 CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coaches
CrossFit Kids Certified Coaches
CrossFit Gymnastics Certified Coach
Strongman Coach
Adaptability/Adaptive Athlete Coaches
2 Pregnancy & Post-Partum Coaches
Mobility Coach
2 Registered Kinesiologists 
NCCP Certified Coaches
3 Working Against Gravity (WAG) Nutrition Coaches 
Chiropractor and Registered Massage Therapist (Dr. Scapp Rehab and Performance Centre On Site) 

Ashley Smith Mathewson #2

Ashley Smith Mathewson

"The Mama Hulk" Owner/Operator & Coach

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Liz Beyer #1

Liz Beyer

"The Aficionado" Coach, Nutrition & Wellness Coach

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Ben Lantz #1

Ben Lantz

"The Whiz Kid" Coach, Barbell, Strongman

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Nik Lashford #1

Nik Lashford

"The Ace" Coach

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Heather Eyman #1

Heather Eyman

"The Wizard" Youth Program Co-ordinator & Coach

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Tim Boersma #1

Tim Boersma

"The Melman" Coach, Kids/Youth Coach

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Shannon Runge #1

Shannon Runge

"The Connoisseur" Coach, Postpartum & Nutrition

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Marlene Bunston #1

Marlene Bunston

Coach, Prime Timers 60+

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Steve Scappaticci #1

Steve Scappaticci

"The Uncle" Nutrition & Wellness Coach, Owner - Dr. Scapp Rehab and Performance

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