Jim Mathewson

Jim has a genuine heart of gold, a 'dad joke' sense of humour and a strong ambition to make every single person feel welcome and part of the family from day one! 


When I first heard about CrossFit, it was through some friends that had been doing it for a while.  Coming from a very competitive sports background, I was interested but out of shape, so was very reluctant to try it.

Once I finally decided to give it a try, it quickly became a significant part of my everyday life.  Being able to work hard, competitively, but at my own pace, and get back in to shape was amazing.  But most of all, what has kept me going is the feeling I get everyday from being a part of such an amazing community of people. Just like everything else in life, it doesn't work if you don’t work at it, but if you are ready to commit to yourself, then this incredible community is ready to commit to supporting you along your adventure, and that is something you won't find anywhere else.  

It is truly an honour to be selected as part of the Fit Collective St. Catharines team, and I am really excited to be a part of this community from a new angle, and be here to support others through their transformative journey at such a top notch facility.  The coaching staff here is second to none. It only takes a small step through that front door to realize you are now a part of something special!

• CrossFit Level 1 Certified 
• Bachelor of PHed with Honours, Brock University 
• Former member of Canadian National Soccer Team and Canadian Soccer Academy 
• Coached Ontario Provincial Womens Soccer 
• Certified Coach, Coaching Association of Canada and the National Coaching Certification Program 

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